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  Rohde & Schwarz KX-2100L HF Transceiver
  Rohde & Schwarz KX-4115 HF Transceiver
  Rohde & Schwarz EB-500 Receiver
  Rockwell/Collins TS-8010 P/N 622-3431-001/-002 Card Extender Kit for 851S-1
  JRC CFL-316 500Hz 9.455mHz IF Filter p/n H-6XMJD00157 9.4J0.5C
  JRC CFL-317 1.8kHz 9.455mHz IF Filter p/n H-6XMJD00156 9.4J1.7D
  Collins 714E-6 100Hz Step Control Head for 618T-3B
  Collins 390J-2B Mounting Tray for 618T-3B
  JRC NCH-365 Remote Control for JRL-2000 Amplifier
  Cubic Communications P/N 2861-1103C CPU Module for R2411 Receiver
  Cubic Communications P/N 2861-1115 Power Supply Module for R2411 Receiver
  HP 5082-7663 Red 7-segment LED display


      All items presented for sale on this page are my personal property and excess to my need.   Each is in "good" to "as new" condition and fully functional unless otherwise noted.   Pricing includes UPS Ground shipping to any point in the contiguous 48 States.   This is NOT a commercial venture.   Thank you for visiting this Web page!

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